2019 Award Winning Nonprofit Websites

Take a look at these award winning nonprofit websites from 2018.

Each year, The Webby Awards “honors excellence” in different major media types. Two awards are given to websites in each one of the 7 media categories: The Webby Award or The Webby People’s Voice Award. Nonprofit and charitable organization websites are also chosen for these awards. So we’ve gathered up the award-winning nonprofit websites of 2018 for you to take a look at and gather inspiration for your 2019 nonprofit website redesign.

The Webby Award Winner

The Webby Award is selected by members of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. The 2018 Webby Award Winner was World Science Festival.

World Science Festival home page

World Science Festival is a nonprofit that hopes to educate the public about science, its value, and how it will impact the future. The festival brings together scientists and artists to produce content that allows a large audience to engage with and learn about scientific discoveries. It brings science outside of the lab and into the world to be experienced by the public.

Why Their Website is Great

World Science Festival’s website is great for a couple of reasons. The first being its clean design. Their home page is sharp from the font to the photos, to the email subscribe CTA. There’s no clutter to distract from the articles on the home page, and you can easily scroll through it without getting bombarded with pop-ups or unrelated content.

Secondly, their choice of dark, bold colors makes their content stand out. The red, black, and white pop and contrast with each other to draw your attention to the important parts of the website, like the menus, search button, and subscribe button.

Lastly, their menus are easy to read and navigate, which is a big part of making their website accessible to all. And that’s exactly what they want to do for people- make science accessible. So it only makes sense that their website would follow suit.

The Webby People’s Voice Award

The Webby People’s Voice Award is voted on by the public. The People’s Voice Award Winner in 2018 was Children International.

children international home page

Children International is a nonprofit organization that aims to end poverty. They focus on helping children by introducing them to a program that focuses on health, education, empowerment, and employment. By creating a program centered on these four elements, they believe that they can finally break the cycle of poverty.

Why Their Website is Great

Children International’s website has several characteristics that make it impressive. First off is the way that their website is laid out. Their menu offers easy access to important factors in their organization, like information on global poverty, the impact they’ve made, and how you can make a difference.

Their website also gives great detail on what it means to sponsor a child, how their program works, and other ways you can be involved. This includes actual data, videos of their programs and community center, and stories of their impact. This brings the idea of breaking the cycle of poverty from a seemingly impossible task down to a wide variety of opportunities for anyone to make a difference.

Webby Award Honorees

Outside of the two award winning nonprofit websites, there are also other Webby Award honorees in the nonprofit category. In 2018, there were 10 Webby Award honorees. These include:

Planned Parenthood home page

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit that offers comprehensive sex education and complementary healthcare resources, like birth control and pregnancy tests. Their website is very clear and accessible, with easy options for finding the education and healthcare resources that you need.

ParticipACTION home page

ParticipACTION Build Your Best Day

The ParticipACTION Build Your Best Day website helps you get enough movement in your day. It’s a game-like experience for kids, which challenges them to pick activities they enjoy that also meet movement and screen-time guidelines. Their website uses a  build your own adventure aspect that takes movement and makes it something interactive and enjoyable for kids.

Cancer research institute home page

Cancer Research Institute

The Cancer Research Institute researches immunotherapy to find a cure for cancers of all kinds. Their website gives you detailed information on why they focus on immunotherapy, as well as where your donations go, opportunities for sponsorship, and real stories and testimonials.

The Journey home page

The Journey

The Journey is an organization that aims to share their faith among a chain of churches across the city of St. Louis. Their website is highly interactive, with background videos that are all connected by dots, similar to roads along a map. Their whole website is a journey, much like the experience that they’re trying to bring to the public.

Baseball for all home page

Baseball for All

Baseball for All is a nonprofit that aims to help young girls continue playing baseball into high school. They’re breaking the stereotype that baseball isn’t for girls, with support from communities and tournaments for girls to play baseball. They have quality background videos, photos of teams, and stories from the girls who want to play baseball.

Amnesty International homepage

Amnesty International Australia

Amnesty International Australia is an agency that works with organizations around the world to make a social impact. Some of these organizations include Greenpeace, UN Women, and Change.org. They work with these groups to help them create websites and fundraisers that will help them be as successful as possible.

Raoul Wallenberg Algorithm home page

The Raoul Wallenberg Algorithm

The Raoul Wallenberg Algorithm is a creative formula to find the level of compassion in the world. Their website has a live counter of the algorithm, along with a film that you can watch to learn more about the organization. Their mission is to support upper secondary students with leadership programs and educational opportunities that will help them make courageous decisions.

The Pearson Institute home page

The Pearson Institute

The Pearson Institute is an organization that studies global conflict and hopes to resolve it. Their website is a great example of storytelling, as they have audio elements and striking photographs. They have detailed information on their mission, research, and education opportunities.

ROC Solid Foundation home page

ROC Solid Foundation

The ROC Solid Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps families who are battling pediatric cancer. They put together ready bags, which are full of things that families might need while at a hospital, and playsets for families to experience normal bonding time away from doctors and hospitals. Their website is very innovative, with striking photos and a colorful sliding menu.

NCOB home page

North Carolina Outward Bound

North Carolina Outward Bound is an outdoor education school. They host backpacking trips, sailing trips, and much more for kids and young adults. The North Carolina Outward Bound School’s website is an interactive story from beginning to end, with actual chapters detailing their mission, story, and more.

Takeaways for Nonprofits

If you’re a nonprofit, you may be wondering what you can do to make your website stand out like these. Here are some key takeaways that you can use to improve your website:

1. Tell a Story

What a lot of these award winning websites have in common is the way they tell a story. This can help visitors to your website feel a connection to your organization and see the real-life impact it makes in the community.

2. Keep Your Website Clean

Many of these websites have a very clean home page that makes it easy to scroll through. This helps keep the focus on the elements of your organization, rather than taking away from it with ads and popups on every page.

3. Be Detailed

Another factor in these websites is their level of detail. This is helpful because visitors to your site can find most, if not all of the important information about your nonprofit without having to search other sites or leave with questions.

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