2017 Logo Trends to Watch For

Some trends to keep your eye on this year.

While the underlying principles of design remain constant, certain trends dominated logo design in 2016 and are predicted to continue into 2017 with a vengeance. They’re evident brands across the board, from global to local. Here’s four big trends to be on the look out for in the new year.

Less is Still More

The concept of “less is more” is not new by any means. The minimalist design movement dates back to the 1960’s and has always had a strong presence in the art world. However, in 2016, we saw some big brands really embrace these principles.

MasterCard, Taco Bell, AT&T and The Metropolitan Museum of Art evolved their busy logos for simple, flat designs with minimal color palettes. 

AT&T logo before after rebrand minimal design
(via Brand New)
taco bell logo before and after rebrand minimal design
(via Brand New)
(via Brand New)
(via Brand New)

These evolutions have sparked some controversy, to say the least. However, whether you’re a lover or a hater, you can’t deny that the redesigns have generated a lot of buzz for these brands!

These tidy, minimal design trends create simple, but powerful brands. In 2017, we’re likely to see this trend continue, and emerge in a broader design environment through color palettes, packaging, etc. 

Flat + Linear

In tandem with the popularity of minimalism, we’re also seeing more and more logos being designed in a flat, linear style. This style features lines of the same weight, incorporating 1-2 colors. It communicates a modern, playful and down to earth brand personality.


Airbnb’s new brand embodies this flat, linear trend to a tee – which perfectly aligns with their brand personality.

Back to the Drawing Board

Creating hand-drawn elements and typography is always worth the effort. In addition to giving your design more ownership,  is a great approach for a wide range of styles; vintage, distressed, youthful, etc. If you’re trying to capture one of these personalities with your brand, consider the hand-drawn route.

Pro Tip:  Arm yourself with the necessary tools. Put pencil to paper, and start with a good sketch book (we recommend Baron Fig) and then download the AdobeCapture app. You can thank us later.

wilfreds logo dribbble flat linear design branding
(via Jared Grander on dribbble)

The branding for Wilfreds incorporates hand-drawn elements, and the flat liner style – making this one trendy design.

hand drawn lettering brand logo design typography
(via Claire Coullon on dribble)

This hand-drawn script for Mattrunks gives you a behind-the-scene look at the process and evolution of the custom type. This is one of the biggest trends of 2017, in my opinion. Nearly every single logo I’ve done in the past several months has been with custom font treatments. Brands are looking to gain more ownership of their design. They want to create something unique to their story. Moving forward into 2017, expect to see a lot of unique typography.

Guinness IPA beer brand typography hand drawn logo packaging
(via Rob Clarke on dribbble)

Legendary beer brand, Guinness, is even incorporating these tactics into their packaging. Here we see a bold, hand-drawn typeface that echos minimalist design of hops through color and simple stylization. Consider physically representing your product/service through hand-drawn elements that you won’t find in stock fonts.

Given the popularity of hand-drawn graphics in 2016, the trend is very likely to gain even more ground in 2017.

Patterns & Brand Systems

A great tool for building brand recognition is through memorable patterns. Strong logos have an aesthetic that can be leveraged through supporting graphics to create an entire brand system, not just a logo. In the coming year, we can expect to see more and more brands showcase their identity through patterns, icon systems and more thorough brand standards.

Hatchery logo branding pattern
(via Steve Wolf on dribbble)

Hatchery’s logo system perfectly embodies every trend we’ve discussed so far; minimal design/color palette, hand-drawn elements in a flat and linear style and a pattern to top it off. Plus, we’re seeing several logo versions. You’ve got the full, official logo along with emblems and condensed versions. A measure of strong design is its ability to be leveraged into an entire system of brand elements.

harbor coffee co logo branding pattern graphics
(via Salih Kucukaga on dribbble)

Harbor Coffee Co’s branding lends itself to simple patterns, typographic styles, bold colors and condensed emblems. Another great example of brands embracing new trends.

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