2016 Free Website Finalists

Here are the finalists for our 2016 free website- vote for your favorite!

Today is the last day to vote for this year’s free website giveaway winner!

Every summer, we design and develop a FREE custom website for a nonprofit organization as just one of the ways that we give back to our community.  My favorite part of this competition is that the public – that means you! – gets to choose the winner.  Every year, we receive entries from some phenomenal nonprofits that are working tirelessly to give back to their local communities on often very limited budgets.  If our team were to have to choose the winner of the free website, it would be near-to impossible, so we decided to open it up and let the community choose – that way we know that we are helping a nonprofit that individuals in the community feel is most deserving.

Since June 10th, on our Facebook page, anyone has been able to vote for the nonprofit organization that they most want to win a free website.

Voting ends today at 11:55pm mountain time, so if you haven’t had a chance to check out this year’s finalists, there’s still time to read more about them and cast your vote by “liking” their image on Facebook.

This Year’s Finalists

This year’s finalists in our free website contest are three great organizations that all have an educational focus: Fort Collins Montessori School in Fort Collins, Colorado, serving children in the Poudre School District; B.A.S.E. Camp (Before and After School Enrichment), also based in Fort Collins and serving children in Larimer County; and Reaching In & Reaching Out, a program of the Greenwich Art Society in Greenwich, Connecticut, serving children in Southern Connecticut.

To enter, each organization had to submit a statement explaining their mission and purpose, and also a statement about why they would benefit from a free website.  Below are the statements from the organizations.  If you would like to vote for one of them, click the link to visit their image on Facebook and click “Like”.

Fort Collins Montessori School Free Website Finalist

Fort Collins Montessori School

About Fort Collins Montessori School
Fort Collins Montessori School is a public nonprofit school (charter school).  Fort Collins Montessori School was created to offer an authentic Montessori experience to families, not just children, in the region. But more than that, the children and families are constantly encouraged to make the world a better place from the inside out. Starting with educating children in a way that increases peace and understanding, the school aims to give children and families experiences that build social, emotional, and problem-solving skills embedded in outstanding academic skills from ages 3 and up.

Why Vote For Fort Collins Montessori School
In a word: we’re new! We have just finished our second academic year, and want to get the word out to as many families in the area as possible that we are growing and thriving. We want our community to have a positive and professional presence in the Poudre region, and our website is our “first face” to many community members. Our website needs to be a reflection of our mission and values. First, we would love for our families (& children!) to be able to interact with it for essential information, gathering, volunteering, and learning about our philosophy in new and more efficient ways. Also, our website could be the way new community members start their relationship with us. Once we hear from people through the site, we will be excited to grow our relationships one family and community member at a time.

Visit Fort Collins Montessori School’s current website.

Vote for Fort Collins Montessori School

Fort Collins BASE Camp Free Website Finalist

About BASE Camp
BASE Camp has been serving Larimer County for nearly 30 years (established in 1986, began providing services in 1988). The organization contributes to the community on several different levels. Established to eliminate the possibility of young children going home alone after school while parents were working, the mission has expanded to offer a wide variety of enrichment programs to participants regardless of financial circumstances. BASE Camp offers caring, educational programming on-site at every elementary school in PSD from 6:30 AM until the bell rings in the morning until 6 PM in the evening.

Programming seeks to give kids the opportunity to try new things, build friendships and receive academic support in a non-classroom environment. We offer scholarship and tuition assistance to 25% of our kids during the school year and over 50% during the summer. Our goal is to never turn a family away because they can’t afford services. BASE Camp is a lifeline for many families in the community, allowing them to contribute to the local economy through their jobs because they have support for their young children. We do not require a commitment of days, meaning parents pay only for what they use and have the ultimate flexibility to balance work and family life.

Why Vote for BASE Camp
Up until last year, we have never put any focus on marketing – our growth (to include over 3000 kids each year) has been organic through word of mouth. Because we know there are more families that can use our services than know about us, we’ve made the commitment to intentionally spreading our message through community outreach. Our website is out-dated and not well suited for our message. It would be a huge help to have a tool that allowed us to reach the families that need us in the place they so often look for help – the internet.

Visit BASE Camp’s current website.

Vote for BASE Camp

Greenwich Art Society Free Website Finalist
Reaching In & Reaching Out

About Reaching In & Reaching Out
Reaching In & Reaching Out is an integrated arts enrichment program designed for inner city children in under-resourced schools in southern CT. Every session combines live musical performance, hands-on art and history. This full sensory approach has been shown to fully engage students and enables them to learn about art and music within a historical and cultural context. Because each of us learns differently, this multi-modal approach also engages the students by integrating kinesthetic, audio and visual elements in each session, giving every student a learning opportunity. Program examples include exploration of the Jazz Era in the United States, the Renaissance, etc.

The arts help introduce us to ourselves and we find that everyone benefits – the children, their school, the professional musicians we partner with and our amazing teaching artists. We are very proud to have received so much positive feedback from school administrators and teachers in the schools we serve! “We have decades of research in child development and neuroscience that tell us that young children learn actively — they have to move, use their senses, get their hands on things, interact with other kids and teachers, create, invent.” Nancy Carlsson-Paige – Author of Taking Back Childhood

Why Vote for Reaching In & Reaching Out
Reaching In & Reaching Out operates on donations and grants which means we don’t have extra funds for a website. A free website would mean the world to us and enable more people to find this program and create more opportunities for us to make a difference in the lives of inner-city students.

Visit Reaching In & Reaching Out’s current website.

Vote for Reaching In & Reaching Out

Voting ends tonight at 11:55pm.

All three of these organizations are incredibly deserving and are doing amazing things for the children and families in their communities.  Don’t forget to for one of them to win a free website, and if you have the opportunity to visit their current websites, look of other ways to support them, whether through donations, volunteering, or helping to spread the word about their missions.

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